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48 Hornsby St, Maldon VIC                                 Ph 54 751 751                            Open: Mon - Fri   9am - 5pm


Maldon Vet Clinic is a small, family owned and operated boutique veterinary clinic in the historic goldfields town of Maldon.


Dr Andrea Khong took over the practice in early 2021, with a vision of bringing together her scientific knowledge and passion for education to provide a service that is unique, thoughtful and responsive to the needs of her clients.


We have created a clinic space and philosophy that endeavours to ensure that every patient and owner feels heard and cared for, with the aim of providing a calm, fear-free and personalised approach to managing your pet’s health and wellbeing.

When you arrive

When you arrive, there is ample parking at the front of the clinic.


We also have a lovely outdoor waiting area with native plants and a picnic table, so you can have a wander and allow your pet to relax outside before their appointment.


While you're waiting, take a book to read from our little community library.

We also have a community notice-board displaying latest clinic news and local events in Maldon


Our fear-free approach

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Our standard consultations are 20 minutes – this allows time for your pet to settle into the consult room and for us to obtain a full and comprehensive history. We do our best to make sure your concerns are heard and you never feel rushed.

Our staff are trained and certified in Fear Free handling of pets, and we have a calm and gentle approach to timid dogs and cats. We keep our clinic space clean and quiet, with diffusers and calming pheromones (Adaptil and Feliway).

If your dog is nervous about coming inside, just call and let us know you’re here. We are happy to conduct consults outside or in the car.

Mellow time for Moggies

During these dedicated cat sessions we make the clinic exclusive to cats.

Our consult room is transformed with a comfy rug, scratching post, catnip and cat toys.

The clinic is quiet and calm, free from the sounds and smells of dogs so your cat can feel extra safe and comfortable during their vet visit.

Call us or follow us on social media to find out more.

Our Staff

Dr Andrea Khong - Veterinarian

B.Sc (Hons), DVM, PhD   |   Level 2 Fear-free Certified Professional

Andrea was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Following her passion for science, she completed a PhD in viral immunology in 2008 and went on to enjoy a fulfilling career in medical research. Her work included researching novel treatments for human parasitic diseases, and investigating immunotherapies for lung cancer and mesothelioma. Her desire to help animals as well as humans led her to study veterinary medicine at Murdoch University, where she graduated with a DVM. Andrea has a special interest in palliative care and enjoys working with owners in order to achieve the best possible outcome for them and their pets.

Andrea has undertaken additional training in veterinary dentistry, palliative care and anaesthesia/analgesia.

Dr Belinda Gibbs - Veterinarian

BVSc  |  Fear-free Certified Professional

Belinda graduated from Melbourne University in 2001 and started her veterinary career in mixed practice in East Gippsland.  Along with many from her graduating year, she then went abroad to the UK on a working holiday.  Upon returning to Melbourne in 2006, Belinda started working at Animal Accident & Emergency in Essendon.  Whilst working in Emergency medicine, Belinda successfully passed her membership exams in Emergency medicine and critical care.   In 2012, Belinda along with her young family moved to Kyneton, and has spent a good part of the last 10 years at Castlemaine Vet Clinic. Now, Belinda works at a number of local vet clinics and, has many family pets including a cat, parrot, rat, dog and a few backyard chickens.

Jackie Lowry - Veterinary Nurse

Cert IV Veterinary Nursing   |   Elite Level Fear-free Certified Professional

Jackie grew up on a farm in the Wimmera. After high school she became a people nurse, and owned her farm for 17 years. Jackie moved to Bendigo in 2015 and decided to combine all her past life experience and become a vet nurse, completing a Certificate IV in Vet Nursing. Jackie has been working at Maldon Vet Clinic for just over 5 years now. She loves the clients and all the furry and fluffies that come into our special little country clinic.

Jackie has undertaken additional training in pet behaviour and training, and preventative medicine.

Amanda Vlassis - Veterinary Nurse

Cert IV Veterinary Nursing   |   Fear-free Certified Professional

Amanda has 20+ years experience in the veterinary industry. She has worked in several veterinary clinics in Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Her warm, caring approach immediately puts owners and pets at ease.

Tegan Nicholl-Cadell - Veterinary Nurse

Cert II Animal Studies, Bachelor of Animal & Veterinary Bioscience   |   Fear-free Certified Professional

Tegan grew up in South Australia and following her passion for the arts perused a career in dance which saw her working and travelling all over the world. On return to Australia in 2012 Tegan decided for a career change and completed her Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary bioscience. In 2018 Tegan re located to central Victoria with her family and fur babies and has since completed her Cert 2 in Animal Studies, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology.

Our Services

We are a fully functional veterinary clinic offering all of

the following services:

Consultations: Vaccinations, microchipping and health checks

Surgery and Dentistry

Diagnostic imaging: x-rays

Pathology: blood tests, cytology


If your pet requires more specialist procedures or diagnostics then we will organise a referral to ensure they receive the level of care they need.

We also stock a small and carefully curated selection of parasite prevention, pet food and supplemental products

(ie. dental, arthritis and anxiety).


What makes us different?

We are passionate about educating owners so you can feel confident about understanding your pet’s condition and treatment requirements. We have prepared handy resources and information sheets for owners, ranging from looking after new puppies and kittens, to managing more complex medical conditions.


We also produce a seasonal newsletter to keep you up to date with clinic news and pertinent medical topics.


From time to time you may even spot one of our articles in the local newspaper, the Tarrangower Times.


Our Philosphy

At Maldon Vet Clinic we believe in:

1. looking after the environment

2. selecting products with scientifically proven results

3. promoting Australian-made and owned businesses and brands


Some of the ways we have achieved this include:


Recycling and reducing the using of soft plastics - we dispense medications in paper envelopes instead of plastic bags, and encourage the re-use of pill bottles.


We stock the Australian-made and owned Wagg&Purr and Delicate Care brands. Wagg&Purr includes worming and parasite protection, antibiotics and ancillary medications. Delicate Care food is a high quality, veterinary-endorsed, complete and balanced diet containing sustainably sourced Australia ingredients.

We select specific products that have been rigorously tested and scientifically proven, such as 4cyte Epiitalis for arthritis management.


Finally, we believe our clinic is here for you - our clients and community - which means we are always open to your ideas, suggestions and recommendations on how we can continue to improve and meet your needs.

Contact Us


48 Hornsby Street, Maldon VIC 3463

Postal address:
PO Box 332, Maldon VIC 3463


54 751 751

To find out more about Fear Free certification and training go to:

Opening Hours


Opening hours: Mon - Fri   9am - 5pm
Closed weekends and public holidays

Bookings by appointment only

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